Event Planning

event Planning


Our Featured Event Planner: Hayley Hume, got an early start as an event organizer, planning, coordinating, and catering weddings around the San Diego area. She was able to utilize her love of creating unique events to produce each couples’ dream wedding given varying budgets and personal restrictions. Initially, events were a way to earn enough money for college, but by on her eighteenth birthday, she had saved enough for a four year degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and created a very successful business as a wedding planner, with over 150 events. It was then she realized that planning events was no longer a means to an end financially, but a passion and a career.
Since graduating and moving to San Francisco, Hayley has had a leading role in organizing events for companies such as Oracle, Nintendo, Nike, Diageo, and Peets Coffee. While working with one client, she handled numerous product launches; one event consisted of a traveling national tour promoting their new product that reached over 300,000 consumers in less than 3 months. In her spare time, Haley also volunteers with non-profit organizations, helping plan charity events. These events have given her experience managing and overseeing every phase of the event process: conceptualizing the “big picture” with the client, hiring sub-contractors, cost tracking and accounting, and everything in between.
From the simple to the decadent, allow Hayley and Fog City Entertainment’s many resources to provide you with a memory-making, special event.

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