A DJ Should Add to an Event, not be the Center of Attention

Our DJs are talented individuals that you will get to meet face-to-face at a free consultation in your neighborhood. They have years of experience and various backgrounds that add to their expertise including backgrounds in music production, radio broadcasting and club DJ experience. All of our DJs pay attention to your needs and requests.

Your Event, Your Music

Our expertise meets your favorite songs. Nothing frustrates people more than requesting a song that the DJ doesn’t have. We understand this and want to give you and your guests to have the best experience possible, this is why we bring a huge collection of music from all musical formats. Our DJs receive all the new music as the stores and radio stations receive them. In addition, we have a huge collection of everyone’s favorites from the past.

With Fog City Entertainment, you can literally control every song that is played. You will have as much say as you want to, after all it’s your event, not ours.

Although we do supply you with a listing of the “most requested” music and the “newest hits,” we don’t use just this as a play list. We expect that you will use our lists as an idea starter and add your favorites. The real play list is in your head and on the blank pages you fill in for us.

In addition to being able to hand pick every song, you will be able to “ban” your least favorite songs and we will guarantee that they are not played.

If you prefer, you can just select your favorite formats or eras and we will “play to the crowd” and take requests from your guests.

Meet Our DJs

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Mike Santillan Sonny Garcia
Russ Catanach Joe Romagna
Chris Harnett Ashley Good
Greg Harris Sunny Ali Sunny Ali
Julio Loli Julio Loli Lana Adair Lana Adair
 Anthony Cuevas Anthony Cuevas  Jose Sanchez Jose Sanchez
 John Harris John Harris Fog City Danny Wright
Chris Durrant Chris Durrant
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