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A happy bride dancing with her groom.

Everyone loved the music and the groom’s parents were thrilled that so many people were dancing the whole time! I’ve already told other brides that they must book with Fog City! Excellent service. If I could, I’d give all A++s!
Jacqueline and Tobais

One person in particular asked if we made our own mix of music. I told her no. She said “Wow! Your DJ did a great mix of music cuz I thought you got it off of your iPod or something…” She asked where we found Fog City and told us how much fun they had dancing to all the different mix. We would tell them [other clients] to not slack on the music booklet you gave us upon booking your company like we did. Sorry! Even though we were not fully prepared with the song choices you stepped up and already had a feel of what types of music we like and gave us many options for the parents dance, cake cutting, flower toss, etc. You knew your stuff. You were AWESOME! It would be nice if YOU could join us out on the dance floor too! Linda & Anthony

They loved the music and would like to hire the DJ for future events. It was the easiest to deal with and the best we had! Martha

Loved the music and flow of the event. Mike was able to make the evening go very smoothly and nothing felt rushed. He was exceptionally professional and we are definitely recommending him to friends who will be getting married soon. Great overall package, especially with the projector. Easy to work with and everything we could possibly want in a DJ service. Shelvey & Kevin

Fun wedding with good songs played. Oh and thanks for arranging the wireless mics for our ceremony – very helpful. Chris also adjusted the volume for softer speakers (early on) very helpful. Emily & Russell

They packed the dance floor so that said it all!!! Mike did a fantastic job. Mike is a quality DJ that really listens and reads the crowd when needed. Russ provided a wonderful slideshow service. The music and slideshow could not have been better. Keep doing what you are doing! Malia & John

Everyone thought the DJ was very smooth and professional. He was very easy to understand and helped us stay on track with the order of events. The song selection was right on and kept everyone dancing until the last song. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was dancing with all of my family and friends. We would definitely recommend your services to others. Not only is the price competitive, your company truly helps in the planning process and allows the client to be rest assured that everything will be taken care of in a professional and tasteful manner. Marisa & Howie

Everyone I spoke to loved the music that was played, and he kept the dance floor packed for as long as people were there. We were very happy with the DJ, and he kept the chatter to a minimum, which let the event and the guests speak for themselves. Very easy going, friendly, flexible, no issues whatsoever.
Erin & George

Very professional, friendly, and well organized! Kasia & Kyle

It was the greatest reception of all time, the dancin’est reception of all time! Russ was GREAT. Russ is the only way to go, best wedding DJ in the bay area! Very professional, can help with reception timelines, friendly, excellent music choices, and a great emcee. I can’t think of anything we’d change — once again, great job! David & Jessica

They loved the wedding and thought the music was great very professional, reliable and totally listened to and followed through with all of our required dj/music needs – went above and beyond to make sure he understood exactly what we wanted at the wedding — he was great.

Everyone was enjoying the music and the dance floor was full. It was definitely noticed that Russ was dressed beautifully in a tuxedo and looked and acted very professional, and they noticed he was coordinating the events on his computer. Russ is a true gem. Our day ran seamlessly from one segment to the next. Russ was not only our DJ he was an excellent master of ceremonies. He played the music we requested and filled in beautifully with similar music. I cannot recommend him highly enough. To be honest, I can not think of one thing that could have been better. Amy & Bart

Everyone LOVED all the music that was played not only during dinner time but also on the dance floor. My family is quite picky when it comes to music, DJ’s and a good party and we couldn’t have found a better DJ in Russ. I think that it was a great choice to work with you. Lindsey & Noah

Fog City has excellent services and would use them again in the future and would recommend them to others. We were told on several occasions that our DJ was excellent. Loree & Jeff

Everyone loved the music, and Ashley got everyone moving (which is hard in a room full of engineers). A lot of the songs had nostalgic value for us and our guests, and the songs she chose fit in seamlessly with our requests and elicited several gasps of delight. Ashley was a great DJ and was integral to keeping the party moving. Cynthia & Yuri

Joe was so fun & really made the party. Everything was absolutely perfect. I would recommend you guys to anybody. You guys made my wedding everything I wanted it to be! Keep on doing what you’re doing! You guys are great! Amanda & Michael

Everyone with whom we spoke commented on the DJ being the absolute best they had heard. His ability and professionalism both well exceeded what we could have hoped for — we’d love to have him DJ for us again! We have passed along your information to several of our friends who are also getting married as well as other friends looking for a DJ for other events. He was outstanding! Fred & Clare

We were told that the DJ fit seamlessly into the event by our guests. During the most critical portions (announcing the bride and groom, first dances) she was perfect. It could not have been better! If you’re looking for a professional DJ company, not amateurs, to make your event shine, Fog City is the best. On your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is the music. Fog City’s Ashley Good did a fantastic job and the music and announcing were exactly as we requested. Nathan & Megan

We just wanted to let you know that our Wedding was a huge success. We can’t say enough about Ashley, she did a perfect job! She was very professional, played all our requested music, and kept the dance floor busy all evening with a great music. In fact, our guest were surprised we had a female DJ which added to the whole ambiance of a great evening. It was a pleasure to have worked with Fog City — they are true professionals!
Gilbert & Erica

Fun music! And personally, I was really pleased with Russ’s selection of music throughout the night. I didn’t give much instructions, but Russ played all the right songs that fit both the mood of the night and the various likings of the guests. I was very impressed. Professional, responsible, reliable. Candy & Caleb

Russ had the dance floor packed all night — something I didn’t think was possible without a live band. I can’t say enough good things about his DJ services. I would recommend (with the highest compliments) Russ and Fog City to anyone. Mary Jane & Chris

Everyone loved Russ! They thought he did a great job of mixing the Latin and American culture music and enjoyed everything! I would tell everyone that we had a great experience and that I would recommend you to them. Betsy & Nick

Mike was THE BEST. I felt like I had my very own dance club. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Your services helped make the night PERFECT! :)
Melissa & Saul

A very professional service — Especially if you want your own music played. Kristen & Kevin

Our guests are all raving about Russ! We got home from the honeymoon and as I talked about the wedding with my family, my dad asked “Who was your DJ? He was the best DJ I think I’ve ever heard and we’ve got all sorts of friends and family saying the same thing.” They all seem to mention that Russ just kept the party going by playing great music. They loved the sound & the music selection & had a great time. We’ve even got the video footage to prove it!
Jake & Erin

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